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The quality of a country’s elections has become increasingly important for government legitimacy and domestic and international support. This report provides new, comprehensive analyses of recent elections in African countries. It covers 49 different indicators of electoral integrity in national executive and legislative elections of 28 countries from July 2012 to December 2014.

A step-by-step guide of setting up a business in Kenya with samples of paperwork and tips of making the process smooth and cost-effective. (December 2008)

This book is for sale and can be obtained from Kenya Business Guide

A manual for peaceful coexistence in the community with a humorous translation of complex day to day scenarios experienced in life (re-print edition 2008)

You and Your Neighbour (498 KB)

Discussions on contemporary piracy, its causes and facilitators, the connection between fragile statehood and piracy. (Discussion Paper March 2008)

Weak States Off-Shore - Piracy in Modern Times (236 KB)

Discussion proceedings of an East African Human Security Forum on the causes, consequences and responses of the maritime security quandary in the Horn of Africa Region. (Discussion Paper January 2008)

A workshop summary of presentations and deliberations on the electoral systems of Kenya. (2007)

The Electoral System and Multi-Partyism in Kenya (1 MB)

These publications are available at our office

A book that raises questions on morality as part of responsible leadership. It emphasises about qualities values and virtues that leaders as well as citizens should have. The core points are mainly social, political, economic and legal responsibilities.

A book that examines the nature, causes, forms, dimensions, levels, types and effects of corruption in different spheres of life so as to empower the citizens to detect and desist from corrupt practices.

A citizen's handbook necessitated by the socio-political developments in the country. It explores the complimentary value and interdependence of human rights.

A booklet presenting the Civil Society's perspective on the new partnership for Africa's development.

A challenge to the citizen. Takes the reader through the transitional stages of democracy (fighting for democracy, starting a democratic life and consolidating democracy) in light of the fact that Kenya is just emerging from a dictatorship.

This tiny booklet is a glossary of election words and terms in an attempt to clarify the election jargon to the general public.