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Climate Change

Climate change is an important global challenge today. Governments worldwide need to continuously plan and implement measures of climate protection and mitigation of climate change. However, since climate change cannot be stopped completely, measures of adaptation to climate change are crucial to safeguard a country’s population, resources and entire development process from its negative impact.

In recognition of this need, Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) East Africa in partnership with INTASAVE Partnership (intasave) and the Kenya Vision 2030 Secretariat has set up a project that aims at effectively and systematically integrating measures for adaptation to climate change into the planning under the Vision 2030 development programme and, particularly, into the flagship projects implemented there under.

The project will begin with an assessment of the capacity of the relevant government officials to implement strategies of adaptation to climate change. Relevant stake holders of the Vision 2030 Secretariat as well as of other line ministries such as the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the National Treasury will be sensitised on issues of climate change. It is expected that through this sensitization the stakeholders will integrate adaptation to climate change measures into national development projects. The targets set by the trained stakeholders will be integrated into their performance contracts in their respective ministries.

After sensitization of the high level stakeholders on the national level, the project will then proceed to focus on selected counties. Members of the civil society who are involved in climate change projects will be identified and will be used to champion strategies of adaptation to climate change. It is at this level that county leaders such as Governors, Senators and county assemblies will be involved in contributing towards the mainstreaming of climate change into the policies on county level.