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Women empowerment and gender equality are considered a decisive factor in the future development of a country. Countries with greater gender equality see considerable gains, as they are often associated with improved development indicators.

In recognition of this, Gender was included as one of HSF’s key portfolios with the aim to work towards the sustainable realization of gender equality in Kenya. This in accordance with Kenya’s Vision 2030, where gender, youth and marginalised groups are considered as vulnerable members of society. Further, the constitution of Kenya (2010) provides a solid foundation for the work towards gender equality. In reality, there are still constraints to women’s empowerment and meaningful engagement in society. Those constraints include the limited political representation of women in governmental bodies and the underrepresentation of women as voters and in key positions.  

Given this, HSF aims to provide support in generating a lasting and positive change regarding the structural and behavioral constraints that foster gender inequality. This is done by co-creating interventions aimed at inspiring sustainable gender equality results. Additionally, we promote gender consciousness and responsiveness internally, within our projects and among our partners. By focusing on implementing initiatives that are gender conscious and responsive, we can make a significant contribution to realizing holistic and sustainable development in all sectors. Our aim is to achieve this through effective partnerships, by adopting a human-centered and systems focussed approach and by continuously innovating and learning as we move forward.