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A Kenyan called Mraia decides to do something meaningful for his/her community. Mraia takes up the challenge to understand the community- the people, leadership structures, culture, challenges and civic issues. Mraia believes he/she can do something to bring change to the community. He/she decides to be active in reaching out to other community members who are concerned and interested like him/her. He/she knows that taking selected community members through a civic activity will enable them to contribute to greater change in the community. He/she is interested in the social, economic, political and democratic development of Kenya and has the desire to promote civic responsibility among fellow Kenyans in different settings.

#MraiaChallenge: A call to action

Think of an issue that concerns or bothers you in your community (mtaani), county and even country. Wouldn’t you be satisfied to see change or steps towards change regarding the issue? How much more satisfaction if that change was triggered as a result of your stepping out to initiate and facilitate that process?

That is the #MraiaChallenge

It doesn’t have to be largescale; it is the small steps that matter.

How to participate

Join us in becoming a Mraia and spreading the word about #MraiaChallenge through the following ways:

  • We would like to feature you on our twitter page @MraiaMtaani. Share with us your story on how you are contributing to change in your community in your day to day setting. Don’t forget to include your photo. Send us an email at mraiachronicles(at) Your story will encourage others to step up.
  • Share photos or videos on your experience going about a civics activity in your day to day setting i.e. taking part in facilitating a change process on an issue that means a lot to you. Tweet these using the hashtag #MraiaChallenge and tag @MraiaMtaani
  • Share your photos or videos using the Civics Mtaani handbook, using the hashtag #MraiaChallenge #CivicsMtaani and tag @MraiaMtaani. Copies can be gotten at Hanns Seidel Foundation offices free of charge or downloaded here.
  • Recruit or mentor Mraias in different parts of the country who will take up the challenge to initiate or advance change processes in their communities.